Q. Will my bouquets wilt in the heat and Will I need to do anything with my bouquets after the

A. Not at all as all my bouquets are traditionally created and formed using parafilm to retain moisture
so no need to put them in water, I wholeheartedly recommend traditional wiring as this method
retains freshness and enables moisture to remain in the flowers to prevent dehydration, it extends
the life of the bouquet for up to a week and prevents any soiling of your dress or hands. If a natural
hand tied bouquet is your choice we have a method of giving you the appearance of natural stem
while still retaining the bouquet life and with no risk of anything losing place.

Q. Will you deliver the flowers on the day? What about the reception flowers do you set them up?

A. Yes absolutely
We pride ourselves on always delivering all bouquets/bridal flowers into the brides hands
personally, and always arrange and attach all reception and ceremony flowers ourselves.
We always go that extra mile and do the finer finishing touches to anything we feel needs a little
more decorating.

Q. How do we attach the buttonholes and corsages? .

A. Buttonholes are placed on the left shoulder lapel via a brooch latch that is attached to the back
of the parafilmed buttonhole. The buttonhole should sit upright with the leg down on the shoulder.
The corsages are attached with magnets to avoid pining through delicate fabric, they sit nice and
firmly with these super magnets, corsages should be worn facing down with the leg uppermost on
the left shoulder.
* please note that magnets should not be worn by anyone with a pacemaker, please notify us if
this is the case and we will use an alternative attachment.